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Unfortunately, the Teeth Whitening Industry has been stuck for years doing the same thing with what WE consider to be below average results. You can go to any dentist office and the large majority of them will offer you the same service, same product, and similar prices regardless of the multitude of variables that come with each client. We understand that your teeth are completely different from someone else's when it comes to your current shade, sensitivity level, porosity of your teeth, age, lifestyle, diet, habits, your profession,  oral care hygiene and most importantly your desired results. Each client goes through an assessment which will allow us to create a custom treatment plan for your teeth that will ensure you get the results you want. Our mission is simple: Provide every client the perfect treatment to achieve the results they want. 


What is the Process?

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Step 1- booking, Intake forM

First- decide which experience best applies to you. Our Lumina Brilliant (first time clients) or our Lumina Glow (returning clients).  Once booked, we will send you a confirmation email with specific instructions on how to best prepare for your upcoming appointment. Questionnaire- Don’t worry we will go over this with you in person! We want to ensure that based on your history with your teeth , your whitening goals, and your lifestyle that the package you chose will best achieve your needs.

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step 2- Pre-Procedure - Get ready!

Way to go! You took the next step to achieving your teeth whitening goals! Check your email for our address and driving instructions as well as specific instructions on how to best prepare your teeth for your appointment.


step 3 - Whitening experience + Post Treatment

Regardless of the package you chose , we will provide you with a custom treatment based on our consultation with you! This will include your concerns with sensitivity in correlation to your whitening expectations and decide on a treatment plan that will satisfy your goals! Once you have finished your appointment we will go over with you as well as send home take home instructions for your after care. If you are interested in our Home Maintenance Kit, Whitening Toothpaste or Whitening Pens, we will go over a plan to help keep your smile looking bright!

You will LOVE your results, We guarantee it!


Featured Services


lumina Glow

This dental grade whitening treatment is perfect for anyone who is a client of ours and has whitened their teeth within that last 6 months. You will receive a full teeth consultation and custom formula whitening treatment based on our Tooth Analysis.

 Diet, Habits, Lifestyle and Desired Results. 

lumina brilliant

This dental grade whitening treatment is ideal for 1st time teeth whiteners between the ages of 18 to 50 OR if you have had your teeth "Professionally Whitened within the last 2 years. Those who are over the age of 50+ and have never whitened your teeth, depending on what shade you begin with, may need a stronger treatment BUT don't worry, we will go over in person your whitening goals and how to achieve them!

Diet/Habits/Lifestyle/Desired Results/ are all relevant factors in your treatment.


Our Manufacturing Process

Lumina Teeth Whitening partnered with one of the top teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide manufacturers in the world. Having been manufacturing top of the line teeth whitening products since 2007 they have whitened over 1,000,000 teeth!

What we focused on in our manufacturing process testing:

  • Our gels were to be all natural and contain ZERO parabens

  • All of our gels are formulated at various strengths depending on each clients specific needs. They are all carefully crafted into a unique formula of hydrogen peroxide and other natural ingredients focused on the highest level of whitening possible while maintaining strong desensitizing agents to provide clients with significantly reduced pain.

  • Gels are made weekly guaranteeing the freshest product possible.


The Lumina Home Kit

TBD. We are still working on making sure our clients have the best products for the best value! 



Do you have questions about your Whitening Adventure?

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