(We were formally known as Premier Teeth Whitening) 

My name is Brooklyn Clark. I am happily married to my amazing sweetheart Matthew Clark and we have two beautiful boys, Teancum and Taven. We are from Utah, now residing in Chandler, AZ. My story begins back in 2005. I graduated Esthitician school in California as an 18 year old. I was young and not sure what I wanted in life. I have always loved helping other feel better about themselves which lead me to exploring more options in the cosmetic world.  After I graduated, I was lucky enough to take a job that was beyond my experience in Sherman Oaks, CA at Burke Williams, one of the top spas in California.  I had to complete their separate training specifically designed just for them. I learned a lot!  I realized I really enjoyed giving instant gratification to my clients, so I thought, what else is there for me!? I added Professional Eyelash Extensions and Microblading to my resume. 

Fast forward 11 years, I was introduced to Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. Having my Uncle and cousin (Scott Rice & Taylor Rice, with Rice Dentistry in Irvine, CA) help guide me in the right direction, I was able to add one more thing I LOVED to help my clients achieve the next step to not only looking better, but overall feeling better about themselves. 

I LOVE my job! I LOVE I am able to help others. I LOVE I have the confidence in knowing my product is one of the top products on the market! and I LOVE that it gives instant results!  I LOVE it and so will YOU!