The Whitening Gel

We have worked really hard to create an organic, plant and mineral-based whitening gel that not only brings instant results, but causes little to no sensitivity for our clients. We offer multiple Peroxide levels enabling us to better customize to each client depending on what shade they begin with. 

Whitening Toothpaste

I absolutely love our fluoride whitening toothpaste. This has been clinically proven to help maintain your white smile. When used once a day (at night) this will last you 1-2 months helping to keep your smile looking fresh and bright!       

Retail Price: $17.00 



Maintenance Home Kit

We are still working on our Home Maintenance Kits. We want to make sure our clients receive the best value for their buck! 


Whitening Pen

What a great way to carry your whitening treatment with you where ever you go! Our Lumina Whitening Pens allow you to quickly whiten your teeth where ever you are to help break down those topical stains helping maintain your white smile!                                                                                                            Retail Price: $40.00